W.L. Walker Stainless Steel Reid Cylindrical Vapor Pressure Bomb Tester - Pressure Type for LPG

W.L. Walker
7.00 LBS
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Stainless steel bomb that is equipped with an LPG adapter between the air chamber and the gauge adapter.

Note: Tested to 1000 lbs. hydrostatic pressure. Gauge not included.


  • Meets ASTM D1267
  • All removable parts are interchangeable
  • Volumes of all chambers are made to accurate limits so volume ratios will be maintained even though chambers are interchanged
  • Chamber heads are tapered inside for quick drainage
  • Separable connections are equipped with synthetic rubber o-ring seals
  • O-ring seals will withstand gasolines and liquified petroleum gases
  • Wrenches are not necessary and should not be used