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Defending Your Home from Fire with JME Fire Safety Equipment

Guarding your home against wildfires, or any potential fire hazard becomes increasingly important as the rainy spring weather gives way to the hot, arid summer months. Unintended fires could wreck havoc on your property, family, and finances, especially if they spread beyond a controlled location and you aren’t fully prepared. Although local and regional fire departments are there to help minimize any wildfire damage (or any other fire), you can proactively limit the threat of fire destruction by educating yourself and stocking up on the proper fire equipment. JME has all the household fire prevention and safety equipment you need to keep your livelihood intact in the face of flames.

Household fire safety gear and equipment

Much of the same fire safety gear around a fire house can be useful in your home. The key is to understand what fire equipment can be stored in your home, what is most affordable, and how each piece of equipment can be used to correctly snuff out fires with the potential to spread.

Fire Hoses and Nozzles

Water is the most obvious solution to stop a spreading fire and potential ash damage from a wildfire. But you need to know what size fire hose and fire nozzle will help you defend your home and property from a growing blaze. There are also a few foam-based options for limiting fire damage.

Questions About Hose Threads?

One of the most common mistakes you can make when fixing a faulty hose is getting the wrong coupling thread count. There are a few simple, quick tests that help you avoid this problem and ensure that you’re buying the correct size of coupling for your fire hose.