About Us

John M. Ellsworth Co., Inc. (JME™) is a leading distributor of primarily fluid management products with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Founded in 1974, the company focuses on serving customers in the petroleum, chemical, agricultural, oil & gas, sanitary, food & beverage, and fire industries. No other company offers the most brand-name products backed by expert customer service and fast delivery.

The products in JME’s expansive inventory are of the highest quality, and our team understands that as a customer, you just want to know you can trust the equipment will arrive on time and run smoothly for your business.

Take a look at how JME became an industry leader in providing the best supplies and what sets us apart from competitors.

JME Has A History Of Success

For 40 years and counting, JME has stayed at the forefront of their industry and built a reputation for customer satisfaction. The industry has changed with the times, and JME has been a leader when it comes to recognizing and adapting to customer and supplier trends.

No One Beats JME’s Product Selection And Prices

JME works tirelessly to update and expand our inventory in order to provide customers with premium name-brand products at the most affordable price possible. Whether you need petroleum, chemical, fire, sanitary, or loading systems supplies, the odds are very high that JME has it in stock, often less expensive and available faster than other industry suppliers.

JME’s Product Knowledge Is Unmatched

You want to buy products from people that understand your industry, and JME sales representatives have expert knowledge of the needs and trends associated with petroleum, chemical, fire, sanitation, and loading systems. Ensuring the customer completes a purchase with a smile and confidence that they found exactly what they were looking for is of the utmost important to us.