Disaster Recovery Equipment

Below you'll find disaster recovery equipment for use in petroleum applications, including: DOT certified fuel transfer tanks, gas caddies, generators, disaster relief hoses, light towers, & more. Fuel transfer tanks are used for transferring fuel or liquid from one location to another. JME has an assortment of fuel transfer tanks with and without pumps, and with welding kits. Disaster relief equipment, including gas caddies, flashlights, sorbents, & generators are used for helping disaster relief workers provide quick and safe relief in times of need. JME's gas caddies are portable steel tanks used to safely transfer and store fuel. Generators are portable unites that deliver electricity during power outages or in situations where there is no power. Light towers are used for providing light during moments of darkness or low light situations. Scroll down to filter JME's selection of petroleum disaster recovery equipment by subcategory, brand, price, size, length, type, material, flow-rate, & color.