Gauging Tape
Tank Samplers

JME™ Can Meet All Your Loading System Needs

JME is an industry leader in loading system products and offers high quality supplies such as API couplers, loading arms, overfill protection, loading hose, meters, control valves and everything else you’ll need to keep your business running smoothly. Your loading system equipment needs to function at peak capacity whenever the situation calls for it so you need products you can rely on. This especially holds true for accessories such as hydrometers, tank samplers, thermometers, gauging tapes, and more.

JME takes the time to inspect and review each product they carry so you, the customer actually using the equipment, know your loading system will work for years to come. Check out durable and affordable loading system accessories:

Gauging Tapes

The right tank gauging tape depends on the size and depth of your tank, as well as the type of liquid inside of it. JME also offers carrying cases for whatever type of gauging tape you require.

Hydrometers and Cylinders

Hydrometers are highly durable and long lasting, but an aged, worn out hydrometer has the potential to give you a false reading. JME also carries cylinders to pair with the hydrometer of your choice.

Tank Samplers

Tank samplers are necessary for gauging the quality and health of your fuel supply. JME offers a variety of options to choose from, for short and long term measurement needs.


The thermometers in JME’s catalog of products are efficient, quick, and capable of reading temperatures below zero and well into the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit.