U.S. Hose GG Composite 4 in. 200 PSI Oil Hose Assemblies w/ 150# Flange Ends

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U.S. Hose Corporation
4 in.
200 PSI
Product Type:
150# Flange x 150# Flange
25.00 LBS
$585.98 - $1,377.87
Made-To-Order (MTO) item is non-returnable/non-refundable/non-cancellable unless there is a defect or warranty issue. Please allow time for assembly before shipping.
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Tift Fuelmaster GG hose is designed for a wide range of fuel, oil and lubricant applications where lightweight and flexibility are essential. Typical applications are Rail car and tank truck loading and delivery, storage tank transfer, refinery process, drumming, manifolding, batching and blending.

Temp: -22 degrees to 212 degrees F
Max W.P.: 200 PSI
Bend Radius:
2” = 5.0”
3” = 7.0”
4” = 10.0”
Construction: Polypropylene fabric, film & tube reinforced with HD internal & external carbon steel wire

Connection Legend

  • M x M = C/S Male NPT each end
  • M x FLG = C/S Male NPT x C/S 150# ANSI R.F. fixed flange
  • FLG x FLG = C/S 150# ANSI R.F. fixed flange each end