Powerblanket 330 Gallon Explosion Proof IBC Tote Heating Blanket w/Fixed Internal Thermostat

330 Gallon
1440 Watts
Amps(+/- 5%):
12 Amps
35.00 LBS
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Powerblanket's explosion proof tote heaters allow for easy, proper storage and heating for a variety of industrial supplies and chemicals. While band heaters provide good protection, the heat source is localized and can lead to uneven heating, hot spots, cold spots, and poor flow characteristics for certain materials. Tote and drum heaters add a level of control with even heat throughout the product, freeze protection, and efficient energy use. This is especially important with hazardous industrial supplies. Improper storage of hazardous materials can lead to costly damage and waste. C1D2 explosion proof heaters offer an extra layer of protection for materials stored in hazardous locations. This Powerblanket barrel heater model is specifically designed and ETL certified for Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations with a temperature code T4 maximum.


  • The 330-gallon barrel and drum heater from Powerblanket offers a state-of-the-art heating system that is far superior to band heaters, which localize the heat to only one spot.
  • The drum heater encases the entire drum in a heating blanket, insulating the entire drum and distributing the heat across the entire surface.
  • The TH330-CID2T4-50C drum heater only requires 1440 watts to power it.
  • It is water-resistant and can be used on poly and steel drums.
  • This drum heater comes standard with an internally fixed thermostat set to maintain an approximate temperature of 80°F (27° C), with no concern for over or under heating your drum contents.


  • Hazardous area heater
  • 330 Gallon( 1250 Liter)
  • 33 foot cord( plug not included)
  • Insulated full-wrap design and cinch straps to secure tight fit
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Internal preset temperature control
  • Fixed Temp 122°F
  • Approx. product temperature 80° F (±10°F)/ 27°C (±3° C)
  • 48"L x 40" W x 53"H container dimensions
  • 120V AC
  • 1440 Watts
  • 12 Amps
  • 105 lbs.
  • Meets: ETL Standards: CSA C22.2 No.130 - Issued:2003/04/01 Ed:3 (R2008) Requirements for Electrical Resistance Heating Cables and Heating Device Sets- Supersedes C22.2 NO 130.1-M90, C22.2 NO 130.2-93, and C22.2 NO 138-M89; Update No. 1 CSA C22.2 No.213 - Issue:1987/03/01 Ed:1 Non-Incentive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations; General Instruction No 1: 1987/03/01 - (R2008) ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2012 - Issue:2012/07/09 Non-Incentive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I and II, Division 2 and Class III, Divisions 1 and 2 Hazardous (Classified) Location ANSI/UL 499-2012 - Issue:2005/11/17 Ed:13 Rev:2012/04/11 UL Standard for Safety Electric Heating Appliances


Specifications (PDF Download)