Gauging Tape

JME Features High Quality Gauging Tape

JME, an leader in loading systems products, carries various types of gauging tape and Plumb Bobs from well-known brands with high quality reputations. JME is confident that all our gauging tape is both competitively priced and extremely durable.

Gauging systems are necessary for getting an accurate reading on the fuel levels in your tank and determining how much fuel you may need to fill the tank to capacity. This is also a crucial part of your budget process, because over or underpaying for fuel can cause problems with delivery, customer needs, and your company’s overall budget.

The gauging system is comprised of two parts: the Plumb Bob and chrome-plated gauging tape, both of which are essential components for effectively measuring the depth and fuel/fluid levels in your tank. The gauging tape and Plumb Bob are built to withstand exposure to any type of fuel and maintain a consistent reading through prolonged use. The epoxy coating keeps the tape abrasion-free, and the crank arm makes reeling the tape up or down a breeze.

JME also features a handy gauging bag to make transporting and storing your gauging system easy and mess-free. The bag is 16 inches long, comes with an oil resistant interior, and is built to last through constant use. The gauging bag is affordable and convenient, featuring multiple inner and outer pockets for storing repair or gauging tape accessories that can save you time and money.

JME Offers Only High Quality Gauging Tape Equipment

JME ensures their gauging tape equipment conforms to standards set by the American Petroleum Institute, and are competitively priced so you can allocate your savings to other necessary areas of your business. Browse around the JME site and experience the shopping satisfaction enjoyed by companies in the industry located around the world!