Tank Samplers

Tank Samplers at Affordable Prices from JME

Tank samplers play an important part in determining the gravity or temperature of your crude oil or other liquid fuel. The style of tank sampler used is entirely dependent on your needs and preferences. As a leader in the loading systems industry, JME is proud to offer a wide variety of tank sampler containers to cater to all of your fuel measurement and holding needs.

The most popular styles of tank samplers include the plastic Cim-Tek Filtration Kit, Cork and Bottle Sampler, and the brass Zone Sampler. JME only carries tank samplers that have proven durability and are fairly priced, and all of these samplers fall in line with their customer-oriented standards.

Cim-Tek Filtration Tank Sampler Kit

The Cim-Tek Filtration Tank Sampler Kit is portable and contains a vacuum system that lets you adjust suction and fuel levels to your exact specifications. It can be used in measuring fuel in under and above-ground tanks, and the three sample containers that accompany the suction kit are shatter-proof. This sampler kit can easily be operated by a single person, which adds to the existing convenience of its portability.

Bottle Sampler

The Bottle Sampler is also optimized for portability and primarily used to take running fuel samples. You can choose between brass or stainless steel. The bottle and cork can also be purchased from JME at very affordable prices, and they are designed for constant, long-term use.

Zone Sampler

The r Zone Sampler is brass constructed and capable of taking samples at any depth level. The sealing is fortified with a Teflon gasket to effectively prevent any leakage, and the entire sampler is very compact and portable (3 in. diameter, 13 in. tall). This high end sampler is also the easiest to use; just drop it into any tank, drag it across the bottom, and record the reading.

JME’s Tank Sampler Selection

JME was founded over 35 years ago with a mission to provide customers with the best petro-chemical equipment at the best price possible. Over that span, JME has expanded to the global market thanks to their high quality, affordable products. JME offers only the highest quality of tank samplers for loading systems so you can be sure to have equipment you can rely on.