JME Offers A Great Selection Of Thermometers

Measuring the temperature of crude oil or other petroleum products is essential to keeping your fuel transfer system operating correctly. A broken or faulty thermometer holds your business back and costs you money. JME has a large inventory of thermometers and accessories to minimize the impact on your wallet and work time.

As an industry leader in loading systems products, JME Ellsworth sells only high quality thermometer brands to provide long lasting, durable equipment at customer-friendly prices. All thermometers in JME’s supply of loading system products are digital, CSA approved, built to be accurate amidst constant use, and available at competitive prices. Here are a few brief descriptions of the most popular thermometers in JME’s expansive inventory:

Isotherm Calibration Tool

The Isotherm Calibration Tool connects to any of the thermometers below to program it to your exact needs and equipment specifications. This video does a great job of providing instructions for properly setting up the calibration tool.

Isotherm Single Reading Digital Thermometer

The Isotherm Single Reading Digital Thermometer tanks a single temperature reading and is built to withstand any weather conditions. Its cord lengths extend 25, 50, or 100 feet, and it is capable of storing between three and 15 individual temperature readings that can be saved and recalled at any time.

Isotherm Digital Thermometer

The Isotherm Digital Thermometer accurately reads temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is sealed for weather proofing, and weighs a manageable two pounds. The cable is 30 feet long and insulated to maximize durability and versatility of use in different fluids.

Isotherm Averaging Digital Thermometer

Like the Single Reading Digital Thermometer, the Isotherm Averaging Digital Thermometer can be programmed to store between three and 15 different temperature readings. It cal also average the temperature totals and bring up any reading of your choice. The Isotherm Averaging Digital Thermometer is weather resistant and the insulated cable length choices include 25, 50, 75, or 110 feet.

Experience JME Ellsworth’s Superior Selection And Service!

Since their first sale was made 35 plus years ago, JME Ellsworth has constantly worked to improve their service and product inventory in order to keep their customers satisfied. All of their thermometers and accessories are economically priced and built to last.