Hanging Hardware Flood Notice!

Posted by Brad Schacht on Sep 25th 2018

For customers located in flooded areas where fueling equipment could have been partially or fully submerged, please be aware your equipment may be damaged! Thoroughly inspect all equipment before use to ensure it can be operated safely. Husky Corporation has some recommendations for your safety after the storm:

  • Breakaways and combos should be inspected and cleaned before use. If there is corrosion around the inlets or threaded ends the breakaway must be replaced. If the breakaway is magnetically reconnectable it should be separated and inspected for corrosion or debris.
  • Whip and curb pump hose should be inspected and cleaned before use. If there is corrosion on the fittings the hose should be replaced. Whip or curb pump hose should also be replaced if there are cracks, kinks, delamination, tears, or punctures.
  • Swivels should be inspected and cleaned before use. Replace swivel if there is any corrosion in or around the joints or if the swivel doesn’t rotate freely and feels gritty.
  • If any part of the nozzle has been submerged it should be replaced. If the nozzle has not been under water it should be inspected and cleaned. If any debris is found in the spout or vent tube, or the spout and vent tube are damaged, then the nozzle should be replaced.
  • Check all equipment with running fuel and replace all hanging hardware if it is obvious that water has entered the hose or nozzle.

For any equipment that wasn't replaced, it is recommended to re-evaluate the equipment every month to inspect for any flood related damage or corrosion that may have grown over time.

Please  contact us if replacement equipment is needed or if you have questions or concerns.