Cim-Tek 2 in. Male Vapor Control Pre-Vent Fill Cap & Base

2 in.
1.38 LBS
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Cast-iron base with Pre-Vent cap.

Today's emphasis on conservation and the environment has increased the demand for Cim-Tek's first product. The Pre-Vent is a fill cap with a pressure and vacuum release that reduces evaporation in fuel storage tanks and helps maintain the quality of stored fuel.

Not for use with aviation fuel.


  • Pressure cap valve opens at 1.25 lbs cracking pressure while the vacuum release opens at 0 to .5 ounces when the tank cools
  • Helps maintain fuel quality by reducing condensation and evaporation loss
  • Designed to divert rain and condensation away from the fill hole
  • Limits the release of vapors that escape into the atmosphere protecting the environment


  • 2" NPT tank opening
  • Small aboveground farms
  • Commercial gasoline and distillates
  • Fuel transfers
  • Small oil storage tanks
  • Industrial oil transfer tanks