Cim-Tek Diesel Nozzle Shield

Fits Nozzle Sizes:
7/8 in. - 1 3/16 in.
1.00 LBS
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When it comes to clean diesel, your fuel filter isn't the only thing you need to maintain - keeping your nozzle clean is crucial as well. A dirty nozzle means you're likely pumping dirt and debris right into your fuel tank. Even if the dirt is small in size, the damage it can do to your equipment is extensive. Defending your diesel nozzle from dirt and debris is essential, but it's often a task that is neglected. That's why Cim-Tek developed Nozzle Shield™: the simple, durable, affordable solution to a clean, protected nozzle. Nozzle Shield™ fits firmly to your nozzle for ultimate protection and features a tether to keep it attached while dispensing fuel.


  • Covers approximately 4.5 inches of nozzle for maximum protection
  • Tethered for convenience and retention to nozzle
  • Ribbed on the inside for optimal fit and simple removal
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable to withstand the seasons
  • Fits diesel nozzle sizes 7/8 in. through 1-3/16 in. O.D.
  • Made in the USA