Catlow Cam Twist Magnetic Vapor Assist Breakaway

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1.75 LBS
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The CAM TWIST™ gives you the assurance that your breakaway will perform when you need it most. There is no other breakaway that gives you the option of preventative testing while installed. The only breakaway that gives you the option to easily disconnect, inspect and reconnect while installed. After a drive-off, inspect the O-ring surface, lubricate the O-ring surface, align the two halves and then push the unit back together. With a twist the breakaway can be taken apart and inspected for damage, corrosion, and wear without removing the breakaway from service. There will no longer be the need to have a 'remove by' date on your breakaway.

The CAM TWIST™ is designed to be installed between the fuel dispenser and the nozzle. To inspect the unit, two wrenches applied to opposite ends of the breakaway with a twisting motion mechanically separates the unit. The unique design seals the internal components before separation is complete, thus reducing any exposure to product. With the CAM TWIST Magnetic ‘snap-back technology’, alignment and reconnection is easy. After inspection, align the two halves together, and let the magnets do the work while pushing the unit back together. It’s that easy! The lower half of the breakaway is also sold separately so you can have a complete hose, nozzle and swivel assembly ready at all times. So whether it's a defective hose, faulty nozzle, leaking swivel or the dreaded drive-off you can simply take your pre-made assembly out to the pump and be back in business in minutes!

Note: Used with vac assist hose with M34 metric thread.


  • No repair kit needed
  • Maximum separation force is less than 350 lbs.
  • Durable plastic cover prevents damage to the breakaway during a drive off
  • Minimal flow restriction
  • Seals both ends of the breakaway
  • Easily maintained in the field
  • One year warranty
  • Inspectable, no ‘remove by’ date
  • Magnetic Snap-back Technology
  • Lightweight
  • 1 year warranty after ordered
  • UL/ULC Listed
  • Meets NFPA 30A Codes
  • Used with vac assist hose with M34 metric thread


Specifications (PDF Download)