Scully SC-6A Green Thermistor Plug & Straight Cord w/ 2 J-Slot Pins & 8 Contact Pins for 20 ft. Scully System

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20 ft. Straight
12.50 LBS
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Scully Plugs and Cables are used to connect the Scully loading rack control monitor to the vehicle mounted socket. The plugs and cables are the pathway for the control unit/sensor signals which monitor the status of overall prevention, electro-static grounding and vehicle identification during loading operations. Scully plugs are made of heavy duty molded polyurethane with stainless steel contacts. Scully plugs and cables are the product of years of industry experience and offer durable, efficient operation. Designed for use with the intrinsically safe output circuits of Scully's Intellitrol ST- 15 terminal control monitors (sold separate).

The plugs and cables are the parth-way for the control unit, sensor signals, ground bolt and Truck Id Module (sold separate). Includes 16 gauge, color coded & numerically labeled conductors for easy hook up & troubleshooting. Shielded ground verification/Vehicle Identification Prover® (V.I.P.®) system signal line conductor #9; connected to ground conductor #10. Fork tongue connectors for fast, easy connections. Tinned leads provide easy, dependable plug connections.


  • 20 ft. straight cord
  • Extremely rugged design which can withstand harsh environments and mishandling
  • Non-removable socket locator pins fitted directly into the plug housing
  • Permanent socket locator pins that won't loosen or back out
  • Internal cable retention clamp to prevent cable pull-out or twisting
  • Molded arrow on plug housing for easy visual alignment with socket
  • Stainless steel electrical contact, spring loaded to insure proper contact with the truck socket pins
  • Virtually indestructible polyurethane plug shell, color coded to match Scully truck sockets
  • Compression strain relief spring prevents the cable from bending or crimping
  • Heavy-duty petroleum resistant cable with higher visibility and cold weather flexibility


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