JME SS2CMP Series 304 SS 90° Clamp Elbow

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JME Sanitary
304 Stainless Steel
0.35 LBS
$12.49 - $458.80
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2CMP series 90° clamp elbow sanitary fitting is made of stainless steel 304 and clamps onto like ferules on both ends. This elbow fitting, also called an "ell," connects tubes at a 90° angle to change the direction of flow between pipes or tubes, providing a non-permanent seal with take-down access. The fitting, is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, has a maximum operating pressure rating of 250 pounds per square inch (psi) at 70℉ ambient temperature. It meets 3-A Sanitary Standards Number 63-03 for sanitary fittings (authorization number 621). Suitable for use in food, beverage, and dairy applications. Pipe and tube fittings are components used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries. Sanitary fittings are used in the food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary process industries to transport fluids through pipe lines and are available in a range of materials, finishes, and shapes. When purchasing fittings, consider the application, as this will affect material type, shape, size, and required durability.


Size InchesAxis InchesRadius Inches
1 in. 2 1.5
1-1/2 in. 2.75 2.25
2 in. 3.5 3
2-1/2 in. 4.25 3.75
3 in. 5 4.5
4 in 6.625 6
6 in. 9.875 9
8 in. 17 12