Plast-O-Matic 2 in. PVC Series GY Double Wall Threaded Sight Flow Glasses

2 in.
3.00 LBS
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Advantages of Series GY Sight Glasses:
  • Double-wall construction featuring Pyrex® inner wall
  • Large 360° viewing area.
  • Full flow design (no corners to collect debris).
  • Wide choice of select plastic materials to assure maximum chemical compatibility.
  • Little or no maintenance required.
  • No special hardware required for installation (completely assembled and pre-tested).

Design Features:
True Blue® Series GY flow indicators are designed to indicate the presence or clarity of high purity or corrosive liquid in a piping system. For use with ultrapure liquids or chemicals compatible with acrylic. O-ring seals are used on Series GY indicators allowing them to seal at extremely low pressures as well as high pressures. GY flow indicators are full ported, eliminating any possible flow resistance. Pipe sizes are 1/2" through 3" NPT. BSP sizes also available. Optional fluttering streamers are available.

Materials of Construction:
Ends on Series "GY" indicators are Geon® PVC and Polypropylene. Standard O-ring seals are either EPDM or Viton®; Nitrile Rubberitrile is optional. Standard fasteners are stainless steel. The transparent outer cylinder wall is high impact strength acrylic. The inner wall (wetted) is Pyrex (CAUTION: cannot be used with hydrofluoric acid or sodium hydroxide which will etch the glass). Optional fluttering streamers are corrosion resistant thermoplastic.