OPW Matador 37 in. Composite Manhole Cover w/ Ring and Skirt

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37 in.
10 in. Skirt
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Lightweight Manhole
83.00 LBS
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Gain independence from heavy steel covers with this all-new composite cover. OPW engineered the Matador with next generation composite technology to make it the lightest cover in the industry, and priced it to compete with any cover on the market for use at petroleum retail operations, in addition to use for commercial and industrial driveway applications. The 37 in. Matador Composite Cover is lightweight, water resistant and extremely durable. Standout features include a steel frame, stainless steel recessed lift handle and a polyethylene skirt with a flair that prevents corrosion and rust. The lightweight design and slip-resistant tread pattern helps to prevent the risk of back, foot and hand injuries. The Matador makes sump accessibility safer and easier than ever before.


  • Slip-resistant tread pattern
  • Water resistant
  • Easy removal and replacement
  • Stainless steel recessed handle
  • Exceptional deflection performance
  • Long-life performance comparable to heavier competitor models in cycle tests
  • Special structural fiberglass reinforcement matrix
  • Two mounting options
  • Roto-Lock option for providing a secure locking mechanism without the need to locate threaded bolt holes on the mounting ring
  • Roto-Lock offers quick and easy access while maintaining a secure sump application
  • Painted steel frame
  • Polyethylene skirt with flair
  • 20 H20 rating exceeds highway specification
  • Flared skirt allows equivalent water percolation to 39" and 44" covers


  • Cover: Fiberglass
  • Ring: Painted steel
  • Skirt: Polyethylene
  • Recessed Handle: Stainless steel
  • Roto-lock: Ductile iron