Newson Gale Bond-Rite EZ Self Testing Bond Clamp Assembly

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Newson Gale
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Clamp & Cable
18.00 LBS
$1,646.04 - $2,064.46
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Self-testing bond clamp assembly with visual indication. The Bond-Rite EZ is a unique portable unit that bonds equipment engaged in liquid or powder transfers conducted in locations where installed earthing & bonding equipment is not provided.

The EZ comprises a Bond-Rite clamp with a flashing LED located in the clamp housing combined with the option of a heavy-duty or medium duty 2 pole clamp, plus a flexible range of cable length options to complete the assembly. The bright green LED pulses continuously when it detects the grounding circuit has a resistance of 10 ohms or less. Once connected, the Bond-Rite EZ continuously monitors the resistance of the circuit between the equipment.

Notice: Not recommended for grounding trucks!


  • Highly visible LED housed in grounding clamp ensures operators know when low resistance connection is achieved with potentially charged equipment.
  • Tungsten carbide tips bite through product deposit build up, rust & drum coatings to ensure proper bonding connections are made.
  • Stainless steel clamps designed to withstand use in tough chemical processing and industrial environments.
  • Quick Connect provides personnel with the flexibility of removing the clamp from zoned / classified areas for battery replacement.
  • 10 ohms loop resistance monitoring compliant with international Best Practice standards. 


  • For use on drums and containers
  • Ingress Protection IP 65 / NEMA 4X.
  • Battery Supply (included): 9V Lithium Manganese ULTRALIFE U9VL-J