Newson Gale Bond-Rite REMOTE EP Self-Testing Static Grounding Module w/ Carbon Loaded GRP Control Enclosure

Newson Gale
Self-Testing Static Grounding Module
Carbon Loaded GRP Control
22.00 LBS
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For process applications that require grounding for more than 6 hours per day, the Bond Rite REMOTE EP (Externally Powered) utilizes 220/240V AC or 110/120V AC mains supply to power the monitoring circuit of each indicator station.

The Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Ground Monitoring Circuit is provided by the power supply which can be located in both the ‘hazardous’ and ‘non-hazardous’ areas, with the indicator stations mounted in the zoned (classified) area.

When used in conjunction with the Newson Gale Universal power supply, up to 10 Bond-Rite REMOTE EP indicator stations can be powered simultaneously. This enables users monitor up to 10 items of plant equipment at risk of charging (e.g. drums) independently of each other.

An additional advantage of this configuration is that the power supply itself can be installed within the hazardous area. For more detailed information please refer to the ATEX / IECEx or CSA technical specification PDFs of the Bond-Rite REMOTE EP.

Note: Self-Testing Static Grounding Module requires Power Supply Unit (SKU: NGERUPSAC)


  • Highly visible LED housed in wall mounted enclosure ensures operators know when a low resistance connection is achieved with potentially charged equipment
  • Tungsten carbide teeth bite through product deposit build up, rust & drum coatings to ensure proper bonding connections
  • Stainless steel 2 core clamps are designed to withstand use in tough chemical processing and industrial environments
  • Quick Connect provides personnel with the flexibility of removing the clamp from the zoned or classified areas for battery replacement
  • 10 ohms loop resistance monitoring is compliant with international Recommended Practice:
    • IEC 60079-32 - Explosive atmospheres: electrostatic hazards, guidance
    • NFPA 77 - Recommended Practice on Static Electricity
  • Indicator station mounted stowage pin provides operators with a location to return the grounding clamp when the operation is finished
  • Options:
    • Grounding Module - includes Carbon Loaded GRP Control Enclosure and 2-Pole Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Clamp w/ 16 Ft Cable Spiral (requires Power Supply Unit)
    • Power Supply Unit - with intrinsically safe output and carbon loaded static dissipative GRP enclosure
    • 2-4 System Multi-Way Junction Box - required if 2-4 Bond-Rite Remote EP Systems are powered from same supply, 5 EA
    • Up to 10 System Multi-Way Junction Box - required if up to 10 Bond-Rite EP Systems are powered from same supply, 11 EA
  • Junction Boxes are intrinsically safe
  • Note: Self-Testing Static Grounding Module requires Power Supply Unit (SKU: NGERUPSAC)


  • Power Supply: 110/120V or 220/240V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºF to +140ºF
  • Ingress Protection: IP 66 / NEMA 4X
  • Monitoring Version: Externally Powered Wall Mounted Monitoring Module
  • Enclosure: Static Dissipative Plastic, IP65, with integrated stowage pin
  • Indication: Pulsing Green LED
  • Monitoring Set Point: 10 ohms or less
  • Clamp: Heavy duty stainless steel clamp with twin tungsten carbide contact points- FM and ATEX approved
  • Cable: 16 Ft. spiral cable with quick connects, 2 conductors with high chemical, and abrasion resistant blue Cen-Stat Hytrel sheath
  • Includes earth loop connection cables and female quick connect for monitoring clamp/cable


Product Manual (Please call us for info - 800-333-3331)
Technical Specifications (PDF Download)