Morrison Bros. 9095DS 2 in. AST Overfill Prevention Valve w/ Part F Adapter - 2 in. Shut Off Height

Morrison Bros.
Valve with Part F Adapter
Shut Off Height:
2 in.
8.50 LBS
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The 9095DS 2 in. valve is installed at the fill port of a storage tank. Designed for use in pressurized fill systems and requires a tight fill connection. The valve installs in a 2 inch female threaded opening of a low profile tank requiring a high level shut-off. The valve terminates the fill when the product reaches the Factory preset level.

The 9095SA comes with a 2" Part F for mounting directly to the valve.


  • Designed for fill applications that require a drop tube. (accepts a 1-1/2” male threaded drop tube)
  • The valve design allows for full product flow until it reached the shut-off level
  • The shut-off height is factory preset and is measured from the bottom of the attachment threads
  • Typical flow rate is 26 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drop and 60 GPM at 60 PSI pressure drop
  • 10 PSI & 5 GPM is the minimum flow requirement for the valve to operate
  • Can be retrofitted to existing tanks
  • Cushioned shut-off eliminates line shock
  • Integral pressure relief feature allows for safe unloading at the completion of the fill operation
  • Shut-off is activated by basic hydraulic principals
  • Typical flow rates are 26 GPM at 10 PIS pressure drop and 60 GPM at 60 PSI pressure drop

Construction Details

  • Adaptor: Anodized aluminum Part A or Part F
  • Body: Anodized aluminum
  • Float: Nitrophyl-N
  • Plunger and dashpot: Brass
  • Upper tube and float guard: Aluminum
  • Linkage: Stainless steel
  • Shut off mechanism: Anodized aluminum