Morrison Bros. 244 Series 10 in. Flanged Emergency Vents - 16 oz/sq inch

Morrison Bros.
10 in.
16 oz/sq inch
881,670 SCFH
103.00 LBS
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Emergency vents are installed on aboveground storage tanks as a code requirement. Emergency vents provide high capacity pressure relief if the tank is exposed to fire. When the internal tank pressure reaches the opening pressure of the vent, the weighted cover moves up on the center pin allowing air to escape. When the internal tank pressure falls, the cover automatically lowers back onto the body and is automatically reset.

CFH = Cubic Feet Per Hour @ 2.5 PSI


  • Automatically resets after opening
  • Durable powder coated cast iron covers
  • Flanged mounting connection
  • CARB EVR models
  • Certified CFH flow capacities
  • Theft deterrent screens available

Construction Details:

  • Body: Aluminum
  • Cover: Powder coated cast iron
  • O-Ring: Viton A
  • Screen: 3 mesh stainless steel


When properly sized for the tank, this vent will conform to the following requirements:

  • NFPA 30
  • 30A
  • UL 142
  • ULC S601
  • API 2000
  • IFC
  • PEI RP200
  • California Air Resources Board Phase I AST EVR

Venting Guide

Venting Guide (PDF Download)