Marking Services Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers - Legend "Fire Protection Water"

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Legend-""Fire Protection Water"""
Red Background/White Lettering
Self-Adhesive Vinyl
0.20 LBS
$1.49 - $3.41
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MS-900 Self-adhesive pipe fire protection and sprinkler ID markers labels easily adhere to access doors and piping. They are an economical and easy way to mark pipes, ducts and equipment. Self-adhesive pipe markers are made from durable vinyl material suitable for line marking identification and system color coding. Sizes and colors meet the ASME A3.1 standards. Legend is "FIRE PORTECTION WATER" in white type on red label. Available in the following sizes: 1" H x 8" L, 2-1/4" H x 13" L or 4" H x 24" L.


  • Highly visible color-coded pipe markers make it easy to differentiate between systems
  • Printed on premium-quality, fade-resistant vinyl with durable, industrial grade adhesive
  • Adheres well to pipe and insulation with only limited surface preparation
  • Legend markers can be used with arrow tape or separate arrow markers to indicate flow direction
  • Fast turnaround with off-the-shelf delivery on stock legends


Marker SizePipe DiameterLetter Size
1"H x 8"L 3/4" thru 2-1/4" 3/4"
2-1/4"H x 13"L 2-1/2" thru 7-7/8" 1-3/4"
4"H x 24"L 8" thru 10" 2-1/2"