Marking Services Coiled Plastic Pipe Markers Legend-"Fire Protection Water"

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Marking Services coiled pipe markers (MS-970) are your fastest easiest method for installation of pipe markers. MSI MS-970 coiled pipe markers comply with ASME A13.1 "Scheme for the identification of piping systems" with regard to color, letter height and marker size. For best performance use indoors and where high heat and harsh chemicals are not present.

MS-970 coiled pipe markers, constructed of 20 mil. Vinyl, are designed to identify piping in a wide variety of environments, especially in applications where the pipe surface is rough, oily, wet or rusty. They stay in place on pipes due to the memory of the coiling process, and therefore do not rely on adhesives.

No preparation of the pipe surface is required for application, so installation time is reduced. These pipe markers wrap completely around the pipe [up to 6" diameter]. For 6" diameter and larger pipe, a nylon strap-on version is provided. Flow direction arrows are included on all markers. Legends are subsurface printed to protect them from environmental deterioration.

• MSI coiled pipe markers quickly snap around pipe
• Ideal for rusty, dirty or sweating pipes where adhesive markers cannot be used
• No pipe surface preparation needed
• Self-locking strip keeps marker in place even on vertical pipes
• Plastic nylon straps secure marker in place on larger pipes
• Can be removed and reused
• No minimum quantity is required on custom marker orders
• Service temperature range: -40 F to 160 F
• Standard background colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White, Orange
• Standard copy colors: White, Black
• Flow direction arrows are printed on each marker