Liquidynamics 420 Lb Drum Follower Plate - I.D. 21.3 in. to 22.8 in. - 11195T 1.26 in. Dia. Tube

400 lb/55 gal Drum
Fits Pump:
11195T 1.26 in. Dia. Tube
Product Type:
Follower Plate
12.00 LBS
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The follower plate is indispensable when using heavy greases. The follower is pulled towards the bottom of the drum by the vacuum created by the pump operation and provides the following advantages:

It keeps the grease clean and free of impurities.

It compresses the grease which eliminates the formation of air pockets and possible cavitation of the pump.

It ensures complete emptying of the drum contents.

It is constructed of heavy duty materials with a double 'O' ring seal on the I.D. to prevent air entrainment.

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