Key Fire Hose 1 1/2 in. Single Jacket Forestry 187 w/ Aluminum NPSH Couplings

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Key Fire Hose
1 1/2 in.
Product Type:
8.00 LBS

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Quality: The fire hose assembly supplied under this specification shall be constructed with superior quality materials observing USDA Forestry 5100-187 specifications. NFPA 1961 standards shall be observed in production of the assembly, in order to ensure its quality and durability.

Service Life: Hose furnished under these specifications will have a potential service life warranty of two years barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service. Upon delivery, the hose shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials. Hydrostatic Testing.

Test Pressure: 600 PSI
Service Test: 300 PSI
Burst Test: 900 PSI

Jacket Construction

The jackets will be woven evenly and be free of defects, including knots, lumps, or unsightly disfigurations that could jeopardize the integrity of the hose assembly. The warp yarn shall consist of filament polyester yarn. The filler yarns shall be constructed of high strength, low elongation, filament polyester to reduce weight and increase flexibility.


The lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane to resist ozone. The polyurethane tube shall adhere to the jacket to prevent delamination. The finished product will meet and exceed all potable waterMil-H-24606B standards for the manufacturing of lightweight fire hose. The use of the polyurethane lined fire hose is designed to increase packing ability and applications where lightweight fire hose is desired.