JME FuelCell 116 Gallon Portable Diesel Transfer Tank

JME Tanks
116 Gallon
Product Type:
Rectangular with Pump
47.2 in. x 31.5 in. x 30.9 in.
115.00 LBS
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JME FuelCell 116 Gallon Portable Diesel Transfer Tank - Fully Assembled

Introducing the JME FuelCell 116 Gallon Portable Diesel Transfer Tank, designed for the safe and efficient transport and supply of diesel fuel. Crafted from high-density linear roto-molded polyethylene, this tank is built to last and ensures the reliability you need for your fleet's refueling needs. With its lightweight and portable design, it offers the ultimate convenience for remote on-site refueling. This innovative tank comes fully assembled and ready to use, easily fitting onto the back of your pickup truck and quickly connecting to the vehicle's battery.


  • Construction: Crafted from high-density roto-molded polyethylene, ensuring safe and robust DEF/AdBlue transport.
  • Setup: Assembled and ready to use, easily connects to your truck's battery for a hassle-free setup.
  • Transfer Pump: Powerful 12V, 300W pump with a 30-minute duty cycle, ON/OFF switch, and IP55 rating.
  • Filtration: 10µm water and 5µm impurity filter with drain valve and spare parts for clean fuel.
  • Refueling: 13 ft. flexible hose and automatic nozzle for effortless vehicle refueling.
  • Fuel Level Indicator: Built-in for easy fuel level monitoring.
  • Filling Plug: 2 in. plug with air vent for pressure control.
  • Handling: Integrated forklift pockets and handles for convenient transport.
  • Security: Integrated grooves for secure transport and lockable weatherproof lid.
  • Filter: Suction net filter included for clean and reliable fuel transfer.


  • Capacity: 116 gallons (440 liters)
  • Material: High-density roto-molded polyethylene
  • Transfer Pump: 12V DC, 300W, 12 GPM, 30 min duty cycle, IP55 rated
  • Filtration: 10µm water, 5µm impurities, with drain valve and spare parts
  • Dispensing Hose: 13 ft. with automatic nozzle
  • Fuel Level Indicator: Included
  • Filling Plug: 2 in. with air vent device


  • Tank total length: 47.2 in. (120 cm.)
  • Tank total width: 31.5 in. (80 cm.)
  • Tank total height: 30.9 in. (78,5 cm.)
  • Tank total weight**: 114 lbs (52 kg.)
  • **(including fuel unit and accessories)

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