Husky XS E85 Pressure Activated Auto Bio Diesel Nozzle w/ Three Notch Hold Open Clip - UL Listed

3/4 in.
Product Type:
Automatic Shut Off
3.00 LBS
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  • UL Listed
  • XS E85 Nozzle shuts off when:
    • when the pump shuts off
    • when the gas tank is full
    • when the lever is opened before the pump is turned on
    • when the leak detector has not completed its test cycle
  • Aluminum body, spout, and internal parts are nickel plated to prevent contamination and corrosion from Ethanol blends
  • StreamShaper® reduces turbulence for straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage
  • Compatible with unleaded and all Ethanol blends through E100
  • Nozzle comes with smooth Full Grip Guard
  • Aluminum reinforced spout bushing keeps the spout tip round and acts as a captive fastener to prevent tip-end sensor damage
  • Nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop® device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal
  • All seals are UL approved fluorocarbon compounds to prevent deterioration from Ethanol blends
  • New poppet seal design improves flow control and provides enhanced endurance over time
  • Yellow grip guard standard, other colors available


  • Body: One-Piece Die Cast Aluminum with Electroless Nickle Plating
  • Disc: Flourocarbon
  • Packing: Double O-Ring Seal protected by Fiber Reinforced Teflon
  • Lever: One-piece reinforced polymer
  • Inlet: 3/4" / 19 mm NPT
*Note: Nozzles 659544, 659554, and 6595100 are not UL Listed


Nozzle Information (PDF Download)

Installation and Maintenance Guide (PDF Download)