Graco Fluid Defender Low Level Sensors

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Low Level Sensor
1.05 LBS
$400.00 - $425.00
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The Graco Fluid Defender Level Sensor monitors lubrication fluid tank levels in above ground, stationary tanks. The low level sensor provides signal to Fluid Defender when a tank becomes empty, warning of potential pump cavitation.  On a low level sensor the float is in the up position and the sensor contacts are closed during normal operation.  When the float moves down position and the sensor contacts are open during a low level condition, triggering the Fluid Defender alarm. The level sensor can be linked into an air control solenoid to shut off air flow to pumps when level sensor detects an empty tank. The 10 ft. cable for use in storage tanks up to 10 ft. in height and the 30 ft. cable is for use in tanks up to 30 ft. in height.


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