GPI Flomec OM Series 1 in. NPT Stainless Steel Oval Gear Digital Flow Meter

1 in.
2.6 to 40 GPM
Max Pressure:
70 PSI
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8.00 LBS
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The FLOMEC Chemical Flow Meter provides precise volumetric flow measurement of a broad range of clean water-based products and aggressive chemicals and is also suitable for most fuels, fuel oils, and lubricating liquids. Applications include batching, dosing, or packaging of various corrosive chemicals as a more economical alternative to a complete 316 stainless steel meter for liquids such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) / AdBlue. This meter is NOT suitable for strong acids and oxidizers.

The FLOMEC RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer LCD display is specifically designed for displaying flow rates and totals from flow meters with pulse, sine wave, or frequency outputs. The instrument displays re-settable (batch) total, cumulative total, and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units programmable by the user.

This meter meets ISO 22241-2 Annex C, D, E, F, G, H, I, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)/Adblue standards.


  • Rate totalizer with backlit large-digit LCD with GRN housing (with gallons calibration)
  • PPS Rotors, No Bearing
  • FKM (Viton™) 5º F minimum (-15º C) O-Ring material
  • High accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flow meter
  • No requirement for flow conditioning (straight pipe runs)
  • Measures high & low viscosity liquids
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow. Contact GPI Product Support for options


  • Meter body size: 1 in.
  • Display type: Digital LCD (GRN Housing)
  • Flow meter type: OM Series, oval gear
  • Std calibration reports included: Yes
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Product type: Rate & Totals
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% @ 3cp
  • Repeatability (based on test conditions): +/- 0.03%
  • Maximum viscosity: 1,000 cps
  • Recommended strainer size: 100 Mesh (150 Microns)
  • Max. particle size: .006 in. / .149mm
  • Operating temp without local computer or with remote computer: 5 to 176° (-15 to 80°C)
  • Wetted materials:
    • Housing material: PPS
    • Bearings: none
    • Shaft: carbon ceramic
    • Rotor: PPS
    • Seals: FKM (Viton)
  • Display function: Rate + 2 totals (1 resettable, 1 cumulative)
  • LCD Digits: 6
  • Totalizing display starting increment: 0.01
  • Typical K-Factor PPG (PPL):
    • Reed: 120 (27)
    • Hall Effect: 405 (107)
  • Local module & output signal: none (RT40)
  • Remote output: none
  • Battery power: (1) 3.6V battery (~3 years)
  • External power: Regulated 8-24VDC x 50mA minimum
  • Totalizing resets to 0 after reaching: 99999999
  • Sensor (Pickup): Reed switch/hall effect (hall effect sensor requires dedicated power source)


Applications (always check Chemical Compatibility Guide): Metering clean fluids such as water based liquids, including water based acids, bases or neutral salts and most fuels, fuel oils and lubricating liquids. Resistant to chemical attack from all non-aromatic (containing benzene), non-halogenated (containing halogens such as chlorine, bromine) organic solvents at any concentration. Suited for heated water, sea water, water with < 1% chlorine up to 176°F.

Not suitable for Dirty liquids, strong oxidizing acids, strong bases at high temperatures, oxidizing chemicals in high concentrations, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite


OM025P Owner's Manual (PDF Download)

RT40 Owner's Manual (PDF Download)

OM025P Data Sheet (PDF Download)

RT40 Data Sheet (PDF Download)