Service Station Essentials Checklist

Posted by Katie Wnukowski on Sep 17th 2019

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful gas station and/or convenience store: Keeping shelves stocked, managing your employees, and, most importantly, making sure your customers are completely satisfied with their experience. Satisfying store experiences are key in building a strong customer base and a good reputation, from the moment they pull up to the pump until it’s time for them to drive away.

By offering the essential equipment needed for a complete service station experience, you’re paving the way for growing a loyal customer base. To help build the perfect service station, below is an essentials checklist that we put together to guide you in what’s needed to operate.

Service Station Equipment and Products

Partnering up with a premiere supplier of gas station products and replacement parts will help you maintain what you’ve worked hard to build. JME is your one-stop shop for gas station products and replacement parts. We work solely with the best brands in the industry, including Husky, Continental Contitech, Catlow, OPW, Franklin Fueling, Commercial Zone and more.

Shop Service Station Products Online

With a full list of service station equipment available, including fuel dispenser parts, waste and windshield products, and more, find exactly what you need - when you need it. Visit our service station equipment to get started. Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our visual product finder, featuring interactive product guides. Please call us at (800) 333-3331 or email us at for additional help and information. 

Service Center Checklist


Recommended: The Husky 4860 is ideal for use with high flow nozzles with flow rates up to 100 GPM. Raised stainless steel ball bearings provide easy joint movement, greatly improving ease of swivel when used on higher pressure systems.

Recommended: Husky VI multi-plane swivels for conventional fueling applications. The full 360-degree rotation of the Husky Swivel provides for easy nozzle positioning along with the added benefit of less strain on the hose. 


Recommended: Continental ContiTech Flexsteel Hardwall curb pump hose is the standard in the industry for Service Station dispensing applications. It also makes a great fuel transfer hose when a durable kink resistance hose is needed. Please call for any size not listed. We cut and couple all our hose so we can make any size you need. Order now: Continental ContiTech Flexsteel Futura 3/4 in. Hardwall Curb Pump Hoses


Recommended: The CAM TWIST™ is like no other breakaway. With a twist, the breakaway can be taken apart and inspected for damage, corrosion and wear without removing the breakaway from service. There will no longer be the need to have a “remove by” date on your breakaway. 

Recommended: The OPW 66REC is the first dry reconnectable breakaway for the conventional dispensing market. It is designed to be installed on fuel dispensing hoses, and will separate when subjected to a designated pull force. 

Recommended: Husky Safe-T-Breaks® stop the flow of fuel on both sides of the separation. Internal pressure balancing chamber prevents "line shock '' nuisance separations. Unit quickly and easily snaps back together after a driveaway break. The unit retains U.L. listing after separation and reconnecting.


Recommended: The OPW 7HB ® Series high-quality diesel automatic shut-off nozzle is designed specifically for self-service prepay or card-lock systems to help prevent diesel fuel spills. These diesel nozzles are available in the following colors black, green, and yellow. Order now: OPW 7HB Pre-pay Nozzle

Recommended: The OPW 11BP® Series is designed for use in retail and commercial filling applications, including prepay, self and full service, credit/debit card readers or card-lock systems to help prevent gasoline spills.

Waste and Windshield

Recommended: The Waste ‘N Wipe Service Center is the perfect, all-in-one way to offer convenience to your customers. Get the combo unit or the waste container and/or windshield service center separately. The newly designed black rectangular waste container is engineered for durability and provides a fresh look to your facility. Order now: Commercial Zone Waste n Wipe Single Windshield Wash Container Only

Recommended: Keep cigarette litter safely hidden from public view and enhance your property's image with the sleek, contemporary styling of the Elite Smokers Cease-Fire®. Fire tested and approved by FM Global, this no-rust polyethylene receptacle features a patented oxygen-restricting design to extinguish burning butts safely.

Recommended: The Commercial Zone Harbor 1 is a combined washer unit, waste receptacle, and towel dispenser which utilize limited space. The Harbor 1 is a durable unit that is user-friendly with a large opening and raised water buckets. Order now: Commercial Zone 28 Gal Harbor 1 Single-Sided Square Waste / Windshield Service Center

Recommended: This low-cost standard squeegee bucket is very popular for service station setups. Made of polyethylene and includes mounting hardware. The 2-gallon water bucket mounts to post or poles with a column size of 2” or larger.