Looking for a Micro Brewery Hose?

Posted by Brett Baker on Sep 7th 2018

Micro Brewery Hoses

Looking for a micro brewery hose or fittings? John M. Ellsworth Co. has a wide variety of beverage hoses, food grade hoses and washdown hoses ranging in different types, sizes and lengths used in various brewery applications. Whether it’s a small home system or a large-scale brewery, JME has the right hose for the job.

Rubber Food and Beverage Hoses: From blending, filtering, stabilizing, preserving, bottling and clean-up, rubber based hoses are designed to meet the winery and brewery industries most demanding liquid transfer applications. They’re FDA-approved and won’t contaminate or impact taste or quality. Rubber hoses are high quality, flexible, durable and cost-effective. Browse Rubber Food and Beverage Hoses.

PVC Food and Beverage Hose: While PVC hoses are available in a variety of colors, clear hoses are the most common in breweries and other food and beverage applications because of the added benefit of being able to visually inspect the product in the hose. A popular choice is the reinforced PVC hose. PVC hoses are made from a non-toxic material specifically designed to withstand high pressure and deliver high flow rates while maintaining flexibility. Browse PVC Food and Beverage Hoses.

Washdown Hoses: Our high-pressure water washdown hoses are used in all types of food processing plants, dairies, breweries and much more to spray down floors and equipment. These hoses are high-quality, and are designed to handle pressures up to 500 PSI and hot water up to 250°F. JME also carries a full line of washdown accessories such as hose swivels, spray guns and nozzles for all clean-up applications. Browse Washdown Hoses.

Sanitary Hose Fittings for Micro Breweries

Micro Brewery Fittings for Hoses

JME also carries a wide range of high-quality stainless steel tri-clamp fittings and other sanitary fittings that are available in several different sizes. Our brewery fittings meet both FDA and USDA requirements as well as 3A sanitary standards. Made with 304 and 316 stainless steel, these fittings are sturdy and easy to clean. We also carry all types of hose clamps and hose ferrules for securing the fittings to your hose.  Browse Sanitary Hose Fittings.

Need a Custom Hose Assembly?

If you’re in need of custom hose assemblies for your micro brewery, JME cuts and assembles all hoses in-shop to any length required. Conveniently, we can also ship your custom hose assembly and fittings directly to you. For additional information about our micro brewery hoses, pricing and delivery options, complete the  contact us form or call 1-800-333-3331.