Non-Water Equipment

Proactively Prepare for a Fire with Household Fire Equipment

Living around heavily forested areas around the United States can be absolutely breathtaking. But the benefits of fresh air and a beautiful sunset view can turn sour quickly if you aren’t prepared for wild or accidental fires. Fire safety and prevention depends on a very pro-active approach to prepare your house for any unexpected fires. While a working fire hose, nozzle, extinguisher, and smoke detectors are essential, there are quite a few other pieces of fire equipment that keep you ready for any wildfires or accidental blazes. JME offers a wide selection of home fire equipment that will help ensure the safety of your family, as well as help protect your house and property.

Fire Flashlights

Fires don’t always strike during daylight hours, and a fire flashlight makes maneuvering around your house to find your family and fire equipment easy. A high quality flashlight can eliminate any accidental injuries as you move quickly to get out of your house or around your basement or cellar. An injury is the last thing you want to happen during a fire, so you should be prepared for a fire at any hour of the day.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits should be a mandatory item in all households, and not just as a piece of fire equipment. A stocked first aid kit can be lifesaving in the case of a serious injury, at least until paramedics arrive. JME carries a handful of first aid kits, each of which carries enough equipment to help multiple family members in the event of an injury or mild burn.

Window Punches

A very affordable and useful fire equipment tool is a window punch, which is designed solely for the simple action of breaking out windows. Having a window punch means you can safely clear out glass from and around a window without cutting yourself or your loved ones. Window punches create quick exits from your home, and come at a very good price.

Fire Extinguisher Case

Every home needs a fire extinguisher, which in turn needs to be stored in a safe and secure place. A lockable fire extinguisher case keeps your extinguisher out of a child’s reach, and gives you the peace of mind to know exactly where it is at all times.

Fire Axe

A high quality fire axe can be extremely beneficial when preparing for or fighting a fire. Approaching wildfires can scorch anything in their path, including any trees, brush piles or other flammable materials located on your property. A fire axe makes it easy to chop down any dried out trees capable of attracting wildfires. The fire axe is also extremely useful in breaking down doors or breaking out windows for an easy escape route. None of these products will put out a fire completely on their own, but they pro-actively help you stay aware and prepared in the event of a fire. In situations of duress, such as a growing fire, you need to have every safety base covered. Each of these fire equipment tools accomplishes that goal so you and your family protect yourselves from danger.