A Fire Hose and Foam Are Essential Fire Equipment for Homeowners

When fire-proofing your home and property in certain areas of the country, it’s important to think ahead and equip yourself with any fire tools that will make your escape easier. Especially for fire-prone areas, possessing a good fire hose, along with a few other pieces of fire prevention equipment, can be the difference between a house turned to ashes and one with just a few fire-damaged areas.

JME is proud to offer a large selection of fire hose couplings so you feel confident that your firefighting equipment is ready for any emergency situation. The most important research you can do when selecting a fire hose, foam spray or firefighting system is to understand the size and water pressure of your water source.

Fire Hose

The most common method of killing a fire is dousing it with water, and JME has fire hoses that fit everything from your garden hose faucet to a standard fire hydrant. Quality fire hoses will last a long time, and are available in different lengths, so take the time to figure out exactly how much hose you might need to fight any fires on your property. A high-pressure fire hose is also good for clearing any ash build up on your house resulting from a wildfire, controlled brush fire, or any other large fire source.

Fire Foam System

For larger fires, a portable foam system is the perfect way to smother a growing blaze quickly. The foam system is portable (like a back pack), and is attached to your fire hose to allow for maximum range as the foam cuts off oxygen to the fire. The portable foam system is a must have item if you live in any area prone to wildfires.

Fire Hose Connections

If your desired fire hose is a bit too large for your spout, and you have the water pressure necessary to use the hose effectively, adding a fire hose nipple or swivel to your purchase is a great idea. A fire hose nipple can adjust the hose connection so it fastens tightly to your spout.

Firefighting Systems

If your home is at high risk of wild fires, a complete firefighting system is beneficial to have for your home. You can use a 100 gallon firefighting unit with a bottom fill kit to easily refill from any water source or a fire pump to use water from a pool, lake, or storage tank. Preparing yourself for a potential fire is half the battle in preventing its damage. JME has every piece of fire equipment you would need to keep your family and property safe and intact. If a fire ever threatens any part of your livelihood, you’ll be ready to fight back with JME fire equipment and accessories.