Emco Wheaton J72 & J79 Dry Break Coupler Front End Kit w/Chemraz Seals

Emco Wheaton
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Coupler Parts
1 1/2 in.
2 in.
1.00 LBS
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See repair kit ID charts for couplers and adapters by clicking on the images to the left. Parts lists and kit descriptions are also available in the attached PDF under "Downloads".

Emco Wheaton has developed a series of repair kits suitable for the field repair of the J72 and J79 Series couplers. Each kit includes an instruction sheet and all components and consumables needed to repair the specific wear zone. All kits include silicone oil, diagram, and instruction sheet.

Kit Components

Front End Repair Kit:

  • Item #80: O-ring (564735EW) Qty 1
  • Item #30: Bajonet Stud (101104EW), Qty 3
  • Item #100: Bumper Ring (563398), Qty 1
  • Item #20: Spring Wave (401106EW), Qty 1
  • Item #70: Hex Nut (470040), Qty 3
  • Item #10: Wave Spring (800890), Qty 1
  • Item #60: Cotter Pin (470045). Qty 1
  • Item #40: Bag Antistatic (671545), Qty 1
  • Item #50: Stainless Steel Roll Pin (470042), Qty 1
  • Item #90: Joint Av. Chem. (564656), Qty 1



Kit Descriptions (PDF Download)