Emco Wheaton E2110 Carbon Steel Fixed Reach Top Loading Arm w/ Loading Valve

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Emco Wheaton
Carbon Steel
Product Type:
Fixed Reach
221.00 LBS
$9,685.59 - $9,723.07
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The Emco Wheaton range of Standard Loading Arms can be customized to your specific needs simply by quoting the appropriate listed parts numbers when ordering. We have created the ‘standard range’ to bypass specific Engineering approval through the use of standard drawings and specifications. Customers don’t need to ‘sign-off’ on an approval drawing and orders, we can simply pass your orders to our production team.

Each range of arms is also available as a configured option. Optional customized units are available where alternate materials of construction or specific added features are required.

The E2110 Fixed Reach Loader is designed specifically for:
  • Single compartment tank trucks and railroad tank cars
  • Accurate spotting for single compartment tank trucks and rail cars is required


  • Standard unit features a combination of carbon steel and aluminum Schedule 40 material
  • Standard available seal materials are Nitrile (Nitrile Rubber) or Viton - Viton is standard
  • Standard in nominal pipe diameters of 3 (76 mm.) and 4 (102 mm.) inches
  • Balanced using the Emco Wheaton "easy-to-adjust" spring cylinder system which enhances operator safety and reduces the space required to operate the arm
  • Schedule 10 Aluminum standard length drop tube and 45° mitred opening included
  • As an option, the standard is available complete with E471 Loading valve, E0062-017 remote control and E0064-008 vacuum breaker
  • Base swivel assembly features the incomparable Emco Wheaton D2000 series swivel joints with hardened ball bearing raceways, H-Block sealing system supplied with standard grease Mobil Lux Ep-2 - isolating raceways from liquid contact - and easy infrequent service requirements that will reduce the lifecycle cost of your loading system


  • As an option, the standard is available complete with E471 Loading valve, E0062-017 remote control and E0064-008 vacuum breaker
  • Emco Wheaton standard paint system Amerlock 400 Resin - Standard gray
  • Standard welding per ASME B31.3 specification and per Emco Wheaton welding specification ES-8
  • Standard air test 5~80 psi conforming to Emco Wheaton procedure
  • Standard range of motion is 60 degrees: 50 degree (park position) to -10 (load position)
  • Standard arm lengths are as noted
  • Pressure drop and flow rate calculations available upon request.
  • Depending on your rack design and piping configurations, Emco Wheaton Standard E2110 loading arms can be supplied with the following based swivel joint options:
  • A right-hand or left-hand design - Right hand is standard
  • Up feed configuration (down feed configuration available upon request)
  • Standard Emco Wheaton / Gardner Denver Commercial Terms and Conditions and Warranties apply to all orders (Complete text available upon request)