Dura Products Auto-Batch 3 in. High-Flow Meter

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Dura Products
3 in.
80 to 700 GPM
Reads Gallons and Liters
7.00 LBS
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Dura Products Auto-Batch 3 in. High-Flow Meter

The Dura Auto-Batch™ High-Flow Meter, designed to streamline fluid transfer processes with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Whether you're managing agricultural spraying operations or industrial fluid transfer tasks, this automated meter ensures precise and reliable measurements, eliminating guesswork and optimizing productivity. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the Dura Auto-Batch™ High-Flow Meter sets a new standard for fast, simple, and safe fluid metering.


  • Intuitive Operation: Effortlessly transfer fluids by simply inputting the desired amount, activating the transfer pump, and pressing start
  • High Accuracy: Achieve precise measurements with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%, supported by manual field calibration
  • Versatile Compatibility: Equipped with industry-standard manifold M220 or M300 flanges for seamless integration into existing setups
  • Material Flexibility: Compatible with non-conductive materials for enhanced versatility in various applications
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous conditions, backed by a 2-year warranty and maintenance program

Special Features:

  • Field Serviceability: Easily maintain and service the meter for prolonged reliability
  • Moisture-Sealed Circuitry: Ensures 100% protection against moisture damage, extending the lifespan of the device
  • Custom Calibration: Save up to five manual calibrations for different fluid types or flow rates
  • Flexible Display Options: Choose between displaying batch volume, total volume, or flow rate in liters or gallons
  • Adjustable Faceplate: Rotate the faceplate in 90-degree increments for optimal visibility in any setup
  • Industry-Compliant Calibration: Calibration capabilities ensure adherence to industry standards for minimum straight-line requirements before and after the meter

Auto-Batch™ Features:

  • Automated Control: Utilize the 12-volt DC electric ball valve to control carrier flow with precision
  • Manual or Automatic Operation: Seamlessly switch between manual and automatic modes for added convenience
  • Repeatable Batching: Easily repeat previous volume settings for consistent batching results
  • Batch Completion Notification: Receive a message prompt when the batch process is completed
  • Optional Relief Valve Plumbing Kit: Enhance system efficiency with the optional relief valve plumbing kit for electric valve use


  • Nominal Size: 3 in.
  • Model: DPAB-HFM3
  • Connection: M300 flange
  • Meter Accuracy: +/- 0.5%*
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 80-700 GPM
  • Temperature Range: 32 °F - 140 °F
  • Meter Type/Style: Paddlewheel
  • Body Construction Material: GF Polypropylene
  • Paddle Wheel Bearing: Sapphire

* With manual calibration


Specifications Sheet (PDF Download)