Donaldson Compact Heavy Oil Particulate Filter - 25 Micron

1 3/4 in. - 12 UNF
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Micron Rating:
25 Micron
Synteq XP
3.20 LBS
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Today’s sophisticated equipment, such as diesel engines with increased injection pressures, requires higher cleanliness levels than ever before. Donaldson bulk filtration systems save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime and prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. In short, Donaldson reduces your total cost of ownership.


  • Different filter models available to filter diesel fuels, coolants, thin oils, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil and gear oil
  • Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology (DERT) prevents filter media damage from electrostatic discharge
  • Cleans to target cleanliness in a single pass
  • Modular design can be configured for virtually any flow rate or usage level
  • Fast and easy to service


  • Target ISO Cleanliness: 18/16/13
  • Efficiency: 25 Micron @ Beta 2000
  • Fluid Compatibility: Engine and gear oil
  • Recommended Viscosity Range:
  • Working Pressure: 350 PSI (2413 kPa / 24.1 BAR)
  • Element Collapse Pressure: 150 PSI (1034 kPa / 10.3 BAR)
  • Rated Static Burst: 800 PSI (5516 kPa / 55.2 BAR)
  • Max Flow Range: 65 GPM (246 LPM)
  • D.E.R.T. Protection: No
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 245° F (-40 to 118° C)


  • Single pass filtration for clean fluid transfers
  • High efficiency kidney looping
  • Inlet and outlet filtration at bulk storage tanks
  • Dispenser ""polishing"" filtration on fuel pumps and hose reels
  • Mobile and stationary applications