Continental ContiTech Infinity 3 in. Fuel Drop Hose Assemblies w/ Female Coupler Ends

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Continental ContiTech
3 in.
Product Type:
Female Coupler x Female Coupler
26.90 LBS
$403.37 - $962.36
Made-To-Order (MTO) item is non-returnable/non-refundable/non-cancellable unless there is a defect or warranty issue. Please allow time for assembly before shipping.
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Constructed with the exclusive PVC double helix for superior flexibility, abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction for ease of maneuverability. Lightweight in construction, it is designed to transfer biodiesel and ethanol blends, gasoline and other petroleum products under pressure, gravity flow or medium suction (up to 23 in. Hg) at ambient temperature and with an aromatic content of 60% or less. Please contact us for a quote on Infinity hose sizes and lengths not listed below.

Banded aluminum quick coupling assemblies are available Female (part C) x Male (part E) or Female (part C) x Female (part C)


  • Tube: Black Nitrile synthetic rubber (static dissipating)
  • Cover: Black Chemivic synthetic rubber with orange & green Pliovic® outer helix
  • Reinforcement: Synthetic fabric plies with static wire
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 71°C)
  • Branding Example: Infinity Drop Hose Continental ContiTech
  • Color: Black with orange and green helix
  • Max Working Pressure: 3" - 100 PSI, 4" - 75 PSI