Check Out The New Dixon EZLink™ Armless Cam & Groove

Posted by Joe Somers on Jun 2nd 2018

You won’t be ripping up your hands with the new EZLink Armless Cam & Groove like you have been with traditional coupling systems. The push-to-connect, low profile, positive locking system is the easiest fitting in the business. Connecting has never been so easy – simply push to connect! With the low-profile design, you can easily connect and disconnect in a tight space.


  • Place the tabs in 6 o’clock position to allow for a user friendly connection. You can use the hose assembly as leverage to assist with connecting and disconnecting.
  • Push the coupler onto to adapter, focus pressure on one tab at a time. You will hear a click as each tab locks onto the adapter (NOTE: If you see any orange on the tab, the tab is not locked on)
  • If a positive lock is required, a locking clip or zip tie could be used


  • Confirm the pressure is released from the assembly
  • Release one tab at a time by pressing in on the tab
  • Remove the coupler

Check out the video below to see how the EZLink System works!