BAND-IT Mounting Plates

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Engineered to achieve a strong and secure grip on all components, provides superior corrosion resistance, and will sustain the hold in high vibration environments while keeping the support system compact.


  • Package Quantity: 25 mounting plates
  • Mounting Plates are used on poles to secure or hang signal control boxes or communication equipment
  • Mounting Plates can be used in conjunction with Bolt Clamps and banding to permanently attach heavy equipment and service items to poles having a larger diameter than 10"
  • Cable communications and management applications include: lighting brackets, transmitters, service wire drops, guy wire, span wired attachments, decorations, large illuminated signage, control boxes, service equipment boxes and storage boxes
  • Aluminum extruded plate with 5/8 - 11 x 2" (50.8) plated bolt and nut
  • Band slot width 1.375" to accommodate a single or double wrap of our 1/2" BAND-IT® Band up to our 1 1/4" wide x .044 thick Giant Band
  • Determine appropriate band width and thickness based on stress and load of item to be mounted
  • Specially designed reinforced SIGNFIX Channel extrusions
  • Convenient attachment methods
  • Applied with BAND-IT banding products