BAND-IT Bolt Clamps for Max 3/4 in. Width Band - 50/Box

Use with maximum 3/4" width band
Package Quantity:
24.00 LBS
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The BAND-IT® bolt clamp is great for pole attachment applications such as hanging utility boxes, transformers and other fixture mounting. This bolt conveniently adjusts to the size you need and does not require a special tool to install or adjust.


  • Available in two sizes: the 3/4” for lighter duty and the 1-1/4” for heavy duty
  • Easy preparation for installers
  • Easy to apply without the need for a special tool, can be installed with just a wrench or ratchet
  • Can be adjusted and reused or for permanent attachment, use in conjunction with BAND-IT® mounting plates
  • Non-corrosive aluminum composition and Dacromet® coating
  • Can be used to mount equipment on round, square or irregular shaped poles eliminating the need to drill holes or use banding tools.
  • Bolt clamps can be used in conjunction with Mounting Plates to permanently attach heavy equipment and service items to poles having a larger diameter than 10"
  • Specially designed reinforced SIGNFIX Channel extrusions
  • Convenient attachment methods
  • Applied with BAND-IT banding products