51 Gallon Auxiliary Tank - Diesel, Black Powder Coated

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51 Gallon
110.00 LBS
$890.77 - $987.21
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Upgrade your fuel system effortlessly with our Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank, designed to meet all FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) requirements for non side-mounted fuel tanks. We've taken the guesswork out of the purchase and installation process by manufacturing our diesel fuel tanks specifically for seamless integration with the included Fuel Shotz installation kit.

This diesel FUEL SHOTZ installation kit can be installed in less than an hour. The unique system connects the auxiliary tank to the factory tank via the factory filler. The auxiliary tank keeps the factory tank full. When the auxiliary tank is empty your factory fuel gauge will move off the full mark. The system installs quickly and easily. No wires or switches to install. The system has rollover protection on the tank and on the factory fill neck adapter. Detailed Instructions are supplied with the Fuel Shotz installation kit.


  • FHWA Compliant: Meets Federal Highway Administration safety standards.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: Includes the tank for a hassle-free purchase and installation.
  • Quick Install: The Fuel Shotz kit allows for installation in under an hour.
  • Efficient: Keeps your factory tank full, and your fuel gauge accurate.
  • No Wiring or Switches: Plug-and-play solution for easy setup.
  • Enhanced Safety: Rollover protection on tank and filler adapter.
  • Lockable Cap: Optional added security and convenience.
  • Durable Construction: Tig-welded seams and baffling for longevity.


Diesel Auxiliary Tank

  • Capacity: 51 Gallons
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Cap Type: Automotive Style
  • Mounting: Hold down brackets
  • Testing: Pressure and leak detection

Diesel Auxiliary Installation Kit

  • Compatibility: Various truck models (Ford, Chevy & GMC, Dodge)
  • Bottom Fitting: 3/8 in. NPT on auxiliary tank
  • Installation Time: Less than an hour

Note 1: Mounting tabs extend out 1-1/2 in.
Note 2: Add 2-1/2 in. for cap height
Note 3: Sides of tank taper in at bottom


Installation Instructions (PDF Download)