Kuriyama Tigerdrop NDH Series Black Fuel 3 in. Drop Hose w/ C x C Quick Couplings

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3 in.
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Female Coupler x Female Coupler
17.00 LBS
$308.46 - $485.87
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Tank truck gravity drop fuel transfer hose. Specially blended nitrile (NBR) rubber tube with polyester fabric reinforcement, rigid PVC helix and embedded grounding wire.

All assemblies are grounded and come with banding coil and 2 stainless steel band clamps per end.


  • Specialty Rubber Compounds - Designed to handle gasoline, diesel, ethanol (Meeting ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria.) and biodiesel (Meeting ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria.).
  • Durable Construction - Designed with high tensile strength polyester yarn fabric reinforcement.
  • Easy to Handle - Lighter weight and greater flexibility than conventional rubber drop hoses.
  • Grounding Wire - Durable multi-strand copper wire dissipates static electricity. Physically extract wire from the rigid helix and bond to the metal coupling (or by other means) to ground.
  • Static Dissipating Tube - Specially formulated to help prevent the build-up of static electricity for added safety.
  • Easy Slide Helix - Rigid counter clockwise helix design protects hose tube from cover wear; allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces.