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The term “service station supplies” doesn’t just refer to the nozzle and hose of every service station, but to everything from the cigarette waste receptacles to the paper towels available to the mats placed at the service counter’s entrance. These items may seem insignificant but they can leave a quite an impression on a customer’s perception of a service station. When the average person is deciding where to fill up their vehicle, they look as much at the condition of a service station as the actual gas price (which varies little from station-to-station). Updating your equipment increases shopper confidence in your gasoline, customer service, and overall functionality as a refueling station. It creates repeat customers because they can trust in the quality of your equipment, and you can trust in the quality of ours.

There are a few common pieces of affordable service station equipment that can help move your business from good to great.


Whether it be a short whip hose or a full length pump-to-vehicle hose, having either working improperly means having an unsafe environment for both customers and employees, and losing potential business as a result. JME offers extremely durable and economical hoses of both types that last long after you have received a full return on your investment. In addition to hoses sold individually, we also offer a variety of fueling hose packages that come with nozzles, breakaways, and swivels included. 

What are the different gas pump hose types?

When it comes to gas pump hose types, there are three main types: hardwall gas pump hoses, softwall gas pump hoses, and farm hoses.

Hardwall Gas Pump Hoses

Hardwall hose types are going to give you a much longer product life that won't wear out. Typically, they are constructed with the use of a solid wire braid. That extra durability not only makes the hose stronger and will provide a longer service life, but it is also going to minimize kinking. Hardwall hoses are typically the preferred gas pump hose types within the industry.

Softwall Gas Pump Hoses

Another popular hose type is the softwall hose. Softwall hoses are typically made using a synthetic fabric, providing a little more flexibility and is lighter in weight than the hardwall options. Both types are going to provide durability and it boils down to the preference and needs of your service station.

Farm Hoses

Farm hoses can be used in agricultural, construction, and industrial applications where UL approval is not required. These types are usually a 2ply with static wire. Making them ideal for dispensing gasoline, diesel, petroleum oils, grease, kerosene, and many other fluids from gravity farm tanks or barrel type pumps.


Pre-pay, diesel, E85, vapor assist, cold weather – whatever nozzle is needed for your gas or service station, JME can supply it. We stock only the most reliable of nozzles from the leading brands to ensure our customers are supplied with only the most dependable of products. Choosing accessories such as splash guards, scuff guards, and nozzle guards can help increase the longevity of your nozzles and in the event a part does become faulty, our array of replacement parts guarantee you are never out of service for too long and business can continue flowing as usual. 


Filters remove particles and other contaminants from your gasoline, providing your customers with clean and unpolluted gas that gets them back on the road safely and efficiently. Tainted gasoline drives away customers, and creates a bad reputation that can be very damaging, even after the problem has been solved. So it’s important that the right filter is chosen for the job and JME chooses to stock Cim-Tek filters because of their industry leading efficiency and variety of filter types. 

We invite you to view our instructional video to help you choose the perfect filter for your specific needs.  

Console Products

“Pay at the pump” console membranes are usually one of the first things customers notice when at the pump, so it’s important that these are always in good condition. New membranes and gasoline type overlays upgrade the overall look of service station equipment, and leave customers with the impression that you care about how your service station is presented and used. We offer a wide array of membranes and membrane button configurations so whatever your pump station consoles need, JME can supply.

Waste Containers, Squeegee Buckets, & Smoking Kiosks

Waste containers and squeegee buckets are two of the most used, non-gas related equipment at a service station and can be worn down quickly from constant use. JME has trash containers of all sizes (from 30 to 55 gallon capacity) and styles (plastic, stainless steel, and StoneTec) depending on your preferences. Upgrading to a stainless steel or StoneTec disposal unit can make your station more aesthetically pleasing to customers.

Squeegee buckets commonly come as independent stations but they can also be combined with waste baskets for an all-in-one service center. A combo trash bin-squeegee bucket saves you money, and most importantly, saves your customers’ time by offering two popular service station supplies in one place.

Smoking receptacles are also available at attractive prices and encourage your customers to properly dispose of their cigarettes, making your business cleaner in the process. The constant smell of cigarettes and stray butts drifting through the air can leave a bad impression with customers. A smoking receptacle lets smokers know they are welcome to enjoy a cigarette but preferably in designated areas (near the receptacles), while also ensuring non-smokers they won’t have to deal with excess exposure to the smoke or see butts scattered everywhere.

Manhole Covers

Manhole covers for underground tanks must be an exact replacement of the original size and manufacturer in order for the cover to fit properly on the skirt. This is incredibly important because if the wrong cover is purchased, it can lead to contaminants within the tank which can lead to a massive loss in profits until the situation is corrected. JME offers a huge selection of lids from top manufacturers such as EBW, Morrison, OPW, and Emco Wheaton, so if you need a cover, JME has you covered. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations allow you to cater to the growing population of electric vehicles. JME carries commercial-grade charging stations for installation at gas stations, service plazas, convenient stores, and highway rest stops. These compact, easy-to-install stations are available in two speeds – level 2 or DC fast charging – making them an ideal charging solution that fits your customers needs.

Learn more about what to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle charging station.

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