Semler Industries PPC23-DI-EM11 Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing System

Semler Industries
Flow Rate:
23 GPM
30 in. L x 24 in. W x 42 in. H
230.00 LBS
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Semler Industries PPC23-DI-EM11 Portable Fuel Polishing System is for use with diesel fuel only. This unit is ideal for small to midsize tanks. 

Protect your diesel fuel quality and ensure peak engine performance with the Semler Industries PPC23-DI-EM11 Portable Fuel Polishing System. Water, dirt, and sediments can threaten the integrity of stored diesel fuel, putting your equipment at risk. Semler's PetroPolisher™ system is designed to efficiently remove these contaminants, making it an ideal choice for users servicing multiple or smaller tanks.

Note: To get a quote on a diesel and gasoline version or a unit with any of the options listed on the Datasheet pdf call a JME Sales Specialist at 8700-333-3331.


  • Reliable Pump: Equipped with a self-priming Blackmer pump, delivering a flow rate of 23 GPM.
  • Electric Motor: Powered by a TEFC electric motor (120V, 20A circuit required) for dependable performance.
  • Portable 4-Wheel Cart: Maneuver easily with a heavy-duty cart design.
  • Visual Clarity: Clear hose allows visual confirmation of fuel clarity.
  • Versatile Element Acceptance: Accepts particulate-capture, water-absorbing, or coalescing separator elements.
  • Compact Design: Lightweight and designed to fit through doorways for convenience.
  • Electrical Components: Includes a heavy-duty 25' cord with plug and a 30' braided grounding cable with clamp.
  • Effective Initial Filtration: Designed for efficient removal of water and heavy debris before the second-stage polishing.
  • User-Friendly: Simple on/off operation for ease of use.
  • Drip Tray: Stainless steel base serves as a drip tray for added convenience.


  • Fuel Type: Diesel only
  • Pump Type: Self-Priming Blackmer Pump
  • Flow Rate: 23 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
  • Motor: TEFC Electric Motor
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Amperage: 20A (circuit needed)
  • Portable 4-Wheel Cart
  • Clear Hose for Visual Fuel Clarity Confirmation
  • Separator Elements Compatibility: Particulate-Capture, Water-Absorbing, or Coalescing
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Heavy-Duty 25 ft. Cord with Plug
  • 30 ft. Braided Grounding Cable with Clamp
  • First Stage Filtering: Water and Heavy Debris Removal
  • Second-Stage Polishing
  • Simple On/Off Operation
  • Stainless Steel Base Serves as a Drip Tray
  • Flow Rate volume: Up to 1,380 Gallons Per Hour
  • Made in the USA


Datasheet (PDF Download)