Rubber Fab Torque-Rite 60 in./lbs Force Nut

Rubber Fab
0.30 LBS

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Torque-Rite® allows you to control compression and expansion while maintaining constant in/lbs force, ensuring a Perfect Surface I.C. when used with a Perfect Surface Gasket. Torque-Rite® eliminates the problems associated with over or under-tightened a gasket, which can lead to an unsanitary system. Problems with over-tightening or under-tightening a gasket: Over-tightening can tear or damage a gasket and can also cause a damming effect inside the pipeline. A torn or extruded gasket can hold soil and bacteria. Under-tightening leaves and undesirable concave area at the gasket, allowing soil and bacteria to become entrapped. Both conditions should be avoided in a sanitary system.


  • An audible click" indicating correct inch/pounds force
  • Maintains constant 30 to 50 inch/pounds force
  • Manual override feature
  • Retrofits all sanitary clamps mini through 6"
  • Works in rupture disk applications
  • Works with all Smart Gasket® products including spore trap thermocoupler and sampling injection tube
  • No torque wrench or special training required
  • Patent #682941


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