Roper Pumps 3800 Series Rebuild Kits - 3832 - Major Repair Kit

Pump Model:
Major Repair Kit
15.00 LBS
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Roper Major Rebuild Kits include all the parts required to rebuild your pump including gears and shafts. Minor Rebuild Kits do not include gears and shafts but all bearings, rings, gaskets and other minor parts.

Parts List

1. Case/WARN Plate Assembly 51A. RV Cover Assembly
2. Gasket, Flange 51B. RV Cover
3. Flange 52. RV Seal Nut
4. Dowel Pin 53. RV Adjusting Screw
5. Case Gasket 55. Hex Head Cap Screw
6. Hex Head Cap Screw 70. Key
8. Plug 71. Key
20. Endplate 72. Drive Shaft
22. Hex Head Cap Screw 73. Idler Shaft
25. Lube Fitting w/ RV 74. Drive Gear
30A. Coupling End Outer Bearing Housing 75. Idler Gear
30B. Outer Bearing Housing 80. Socket Head Cap Screw
30C. Inner Bearing Housing 88A.Lip Seal
31. Outer Bearing Housing Gasket 88B.Lip Seal
32. Lip Seal 93. Seal Retainer
34. Ball Bearing 93A.Inner Bearing Housing Gasket
46. RV Poppet 94. Hex Head Cap Screw
48A. RV Spring 98. Seal Ring
48B. RV Spring
50. O-ring


Product Manual (PDF Download)

Pricing Notes

Product pricing reflects recent trade tariffs and is different than the price in our latest print catalog. Last revised 2/11/2019.