Remanufactured 2002E T/S Mechanical Computer for Bennett, Wayne & Smith Pumps

Davis Airtech
31.00 LBS
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Remanufactured mechanical gasoline pump computer designed to fit Bennett, Wayne, and Smith pumps.

Note: Displays per gallon price from $0.00 to $2.99


  • Inspected for defects to ensure the unit is rebuildable
  • Completely disassembled and cleaned
  • Individual parts inspected for wear and damage
  • All O-rings, gaskets, and seals are replaced
  • Valve seat surfaces ground and precision lapped
  • 100% of remanufactured units are thoroughly tested
  • Meters tested with several hundred gallons before calibration
  • Meters calibrated to + - cubic inch on fast and slow flow
  • Meters pressurized to ensure no leaks