PIUSI SB 325 Series Breakaway Automatic DEF Nozzle Replacement Spout

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The new SB 325 automatic nozzle features an innovative technopolymer casing, break-away system, and a stainless steel spout. Safety is guaranteed by the break-away system; In the event that a vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the tank, the spout is designed to detach from the nozzle. This system also allows for a quick repair by merely fitting a new spout onto the nozzle.


  • Breakaway nozzle tip
  • Flow rate: 9 GPM
  • Max pressure: 50.8 PSI
  • 0.5% accuracy
  • For AdBlue & water applications
  • Inlet 3/4" male BSP
  • Spout outer diameter: 3/4"
  • Designed in compliance with International Standards ISO/ FDIS 22241-4:2009 concerning DEF® dispensing nozzles